Introduction of Home Decorating

Introduction of Home Decorating

Whether you are an expert looking for bright ideas to give your home a fresh new look, or a complete beginner requiring basic information on the introduction of home decorating. The article is a book for you.

Home Decorating:

This section will enable you to make a professional job of all your decorating tasks. There are tips to help you to plan the job properly and work out your budget. You’ll need to decide on colour schemes and the kind of paint to use guidance is given to help you choose from the countless varieties now available on the market.

Painting techniques are described in detail and you will find suggestions for interesting effects to give your rooms rooms a special look. These methods include sponging, colourwashing and textured paint. However, if you decide to hang wallpaper instead you’ll find it’s not as difficult as you might think, as long as you plan the work carefully and accurately.

Perhaps you hope to make a radical change to the look and feel of your home by removing plaster to reveal the original brickwork, laying handmade tiles or creating your own wood paneling. Everything you need to know is covered here,from the basics about wood and bricks to decorative effects using mosaics and mirrors.

Flooring is a vital part of your home makeover. Here you will find practical advice on choosing materials wisely, depending on your budget and the uses of each room. A section is dedicated to woodwork, which includes basic painting skills along with special effects such as crackle glazing, and instructions for french polishing, Once the decorating is completed, look up the clever storage tips and ideas for livening up your accessories and making the best use of the space available.

Colour In Your Home:

This section is full of inspiring ideas to make your home more attractive.The information on colour theory explains why some colours blend comfortably together while other colours clash, creating visual friction.With this in mind, you’ll be able to use your instinctive colour preferences in a sensible combination and have the satisfaction of creating a home using your preferred colour schemes.

The paragraph on the influence of colour demonstrates how the colours you choose can have a significant effect on your state of mind. Aqua and turquoise can be calming, while pale pink has a soothing effect.

If you’re brave you may go for a strong colour, such as a orange  such as orange, a great favorite with professional  interior designers. Yellow is a inviting, sociable colour that suits a contemporary of decor. Paint effects are making comeback , so let your imagination run wild. There are ideas on how to create simple, fun effects, such as stenciling, and produce clever 3D effects with colour. Applied textures are also fashionable why not consider lining your walls with a natural material such as cane or bamboo?

Perhaps you want to renew your home in a particular style.Think about which theme fits best with your lifestyle a country feel, with soft, muted colours or maybe the rich, earthy colours of a Tuscan farmhouse. Maybe you are a more of an urban minimalist, preferring a limited colour palette and a clutter free environment. Or go further afield for inspiration, looking to Morocco or India for rich, intense colours to liven up your rooms.

Designing New Rooms:

This section takes you through the process of revamping your home, room by mom, Decide whether to go for the traditional or the contemporary look, and take it from there. Don’t despair if you can’t afford to rip out that old kitchen and start from scratch. There are many ways of ringing the changes in an economical way.Try fixing new doors on your kitchen units or even simply replacing the handles.

The sitting room is the public face of your home, so show off your personal style. You could go for a traditional look, with heavy bookshelves and comfortable sofas or an uncluttered r minimalist look. If you have a sitting-dining room,try defining  the dining area with low walls or screens to reinforce the fact that the room serves two different purposes. Or if you are lucky enough to have a separate dining room, look up the imaginative ideas for flooring, lighting and furniture that will make the most of it.

The bedroom,the least public room of the home, is the  perfect place to express yourself but don’t spoil the effect with clutter keep it at bay with some sensible storage methods. When decorate the kids’ bedrooms,take into account their basic needs for study, play and relaxation in a safe, comfortable environment and make sure you involve them in your decision-making!

The article on bathrooms helps you to create a practical design in a traditional or contemporary style, with ideas for shower rooms and en suite showers.Then consideration is given to creating a perfect home-office environment, neatly designed to take up minimum space yet with comfort in mind.

Making Soft Furnishings

This section is full of ideas for using fabric to enhance your living space.There are projects for both the novice and the experienced needle worker. Fabrics and trimmings are described, along with explanations of equipment and haberdashery Ready-made curtains are expensive so who not make your own?  Go for a modern style, Such as tab beginner, curtains, or the traditional swag and tails. if you’re a beginner start with a simple unlined pair.  Instructions for making  the accessorize and for creating yours won blind  are include too.

Think twice before buying new furniture  it’s easy to realize your chairs and sofas by changing the fabric. Ensure you have enough seating for all your visitors by making your own cushions or bean-bag Chair a new lease of life for outdoors. At mealtimes, impress your guests with hand-made table linen and napkins, a simple but very effective soft  furnishing project that anyone with even the most basic needle working skills can attempt with confidence.

Storage is always a problem especially in small flats or town houses. Consider making beautiful fabric bags, lined baskets and clothes covers to remove clutter from your bedroom. Improve your bedroom further by making your own bedding. It’s not as hard you might think. Not only is it economical, you can use exactly the colour and fabric that you desire and personalize it by hand-embroidering your own decorative motifs. Go to town with piles of cushions in luxurious fabrics, bordered sheets or for a special change, make a dramatic bedspread that becomes a centerpiece of your bedroom.

Finally, there are ideas for decorative touches the braid, trimmings, bows or rosettes that make your soft furnishing project really special

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