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Mural Painting Techniques The Beginner

Mural Painting Techniques The Beginner

Mural Painting Techniques The Beginner . Murals and one-wall effects, You may find inspiration for the mural in a magazine or newspaper or want to use an old photograph as reference. To draw or paint your chosen design onto a wall you will need to ‘scale it up’ first, Scaling up can be done by drawing a grid of squares over the picture you want to copy.

Use a tracing-paper overlay if you don’t want to mark the original. Now draw a similar grid of squares onto the wall at the increased size, and copy the design over square by square. You must be accurate when transferring the marks, paying attention to detail where lines leave and enter the squares. If this appears too complex, technology is at hand.

Specialist shops that offer a photocopying service can produce an enlarged image over several sheets of A3 paper that can be stuck together. A feeder tray loaded with heavyweight tracing paper (90 gsm or heavier) will produce an image that you can see through, assisting the positioning.

Photocopy specialists may have color machines that can reproduce an overhead visual on him from your image or design. This is then enlarged onto the wall via an overhead projector, and traced. Any of these methods can help you build up a series of images into a wall mural.

You Will Need To Mural Painting Techniques The Beginner :


Step of Mural Painting Technique :

  • STEP ONE :To scale up a design for a mural, first of all lay a sheet of tracing paper over the picture that you want to copy.
  • STEP TWO : Draw a grid of lines over the reference picture you have selected.  Then draw the same  number  squares on the wall to the desired size.
  • STEP THREE : Copy the picture onto the wall square by square, paying attention to where lines leave and enter the squares. Finally, paint in the colors.

Mural painting technique

Combination images:

Mural Painting Techniques The Beginner
Murals need not be confined to children’s rooms they can make very effective decorative effects in your home’s main living areas too. In this case, the floor to-ceiling garden scheme has even been extended to the window shutters with great success.

Projected images can be used in conjunction with other, simpler paint techniques. A garden mural, for instance, may incorporate trellis work diagonally masked out by 2.5cm/1 in tape. Stipple pale blue and white emulsion into a sky effect, combining your stencil and color washing skills, or create an illusion of depth by washing over backgrounds With a thinned-out white emulsion, so they disappear into the mist. Painting in stronger colors to the foreground base will emphasis this three-dimensional effect.

Collage and montage :

More accurately a paper finish, images from posters can be stuck onto painted walls to create a unique mural. Try cutting out figure images of a favoured sporting team and positioning them on a grass green wall in playing formation to liven up the decor of a hobby or work room. Tramlines marking out playing areas can be masked out with tape, or backgrounds of spectator enclosures stencilled in, all adding to the graphic effect.

This technique can be used to produce range of interesting and decorative effects. Make sure that the edges of the images are firmly stuck down, then when the glue has dried paint over them with one or two coats of varnish in order to provide a hard wearing finish.

You will need to Collage and montage :

  • Image of sporting stars.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Paints or Stencilling materials.
  • Brushes .
  • Masking Tape.
  • Clear Varnish.

Step of Collage and Montage painting Technique :

  • STEP ONE : Images of sports stars, cut from magazines or posters, can be used to liven up a sports field mural.
  • STEP TWO : Using red paint, add  ‘mud patches’ to your green football field after masking off  tramlines with tape.
  • STEP THREE : When the paint has dried, carefully remove the masking tape to reveal the tramlines.
  • STEP FOUR : Paint in the figures of spectators to give the appearance of a football game in progress.

Collage and montage

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