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Unique wall coverings ideas

Unique wall coverings ideas

Basic skills: choosing unique wall coverings ideas. Be aware of the job you are asking your wallpaper to do, and consider your requirements. Perhaps its purpose is to be purely decorative, or it might have to disguise a badly cracked wall. It might get accidentally wet, in a bathroom area for instance, and so need to be water-resistant, or It may get dirty and you Might have to be able to wipe it clean.

Certain Paper types are intended for specific purposes. Your local decorating supplier or superstore will carry a range of all the popular Paper types. But if you want something a little out of the ordinary there are specialist suppliers offering proprietary papers with period designs, hand-made papers, and hand-blocked or screened untrimmed rolls. If you are in search of an unusual paper, start with the small ads in the back of fashionable home interior magazines. If you are starting with pattern books, simplify the selection process by dividing the papers into two main categories, those that are Made to be overprinted and those that are not. Wallcoverings intended for overpainting will usually
have a relief design, having either a textured finish like woodchip or a raised surface pattern like molded or embossed papers. Wallcoverings that have a printed pattern that is not meant to be painted can be further divided, into washable (often ready-pasted) and non-washable papers

Lining paper

This is used to line the wall, providing a sound uniform surface prior to hanging top-quality decorative or heavy-duty embossed papers. It 1s useful for improving uneven walls and disguising recently repaired surfaces. It comes in various

weights and can be easily painted.unique wall coverings ideas

Machine-printed paper Multi-coloured and available in different weights and qualities, this is the most common

wallcovering. ‘Pulps’ are cheap papers

where the printing inks sit on the paper surface. ‘Grounds’

are more expensive machine
papers where inks sit on a prepared surface, coated with a ‘ground’ of color. These are both produced in bulk and are therefore more economical to buy.

Hand-printed paper

Whether block-printed by hand or screen-printed through a frame, this is more expensive because of the labor cost. Large-scale designs and special colors can be incorporated on very short runs.

Woodchip paper

The cheapest of the relief papers, this has wood shavings sealed between two layers of paper. The rough textured finish works well on substandard surfaces, disguising cracks and imperfections. It is sometimes called ‘oatmeal’ paper.

Embossed paper

This has a relief pattern pressed into it when damp. A pattern is produced by pressure from an embossing roller. Colour can be added simultaneously, or the paper produced with a white finish for overpainting. Damp embossing, as opposed to dry, enables the relief to retain its shape better when receiving paste.

Vinyl paper Also available in heavy-duty, hard-wearing formats, the vinyl paper consists of simple designs printed onto plastic or vinyl film with special inks, bonded onto a backing paper. It is tougher than washable paper but more expensive. Some varieties need a heavy-duty wall adhesive. This paper can be difficult to remove. If you can lift a corner, it may be possible to peel off the top layer to leave the backing paper behind, which must be stripped in the normal manner. Otherwise, they must be scored to allow moisture to reach the backing a laborious task.

Flock paper

Originally an expensive hand-made paper where a blocked adhesive print had wool or silk fibers dusted onto it, it is now available as a more economical machine paper. The elaborate design has a velvety, raised pile on a backing paper, and synthetic fibers are used to produce vinyl papers with a flock pattern effect.

Washable paper Machine-printed designs with a film of protective, transparent plastic on top, this

wallcovering is often found in the ready-pasted form.

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